About The Event

UNcathlon is a UNique team challenge that unleashes the human spirit through the transformative power of teamwork, bringing awareness to Special Olympics Pennsylvania (SOPA).

Pittsburgh UNCathlon will take place on Sunday, October 2, 2022 at the AHN Arena on the Peters Township High School campus.

Philadelphia UNcathlon will take place on Saturday, October 8, 2022 at Springfield Township High School in Montgomery County.

The UNcathlon event embodies SOPA’s daily goal: Inclusion and acceptance through sport. Similar to a Special Olympics’ Unified Track & Field, this unique event consists of track and field events; with an additional element of fundraising!

Since the UNcathlon is a fundraiser benefiting SOPA, the final ‘event’ is FUNDRAISING! The funds raised help to provide training and sport competitions, free of charge to thousands of deserving athletes.

The event will be UNified, UNconventional & UNforgettable! Teams are UNified; meaning each team pairs 2-3 Special Olympic athletes with representatives from law enforcement, corporate partners, student athletes and donors. All teams must be co-ed. Participants will be challenged both physically and mentally; and will be tasked with the additional challenge of raising funds in support of 13,000 PA athletes

The day of the event, each team will take part in a series of physical trials; these events will test SPEED, STRENGTH, and ENDURANCE.

Special Olympics Athletes


What is Uncathlon

Unified teams of six will compete in a series of competitive track and field challenges. Teams composed of a combination of Special Olympics athletes and representatives from corporate partners, community and student partners and law enforcement. Uncathlon has eight events, including running and relay races, a long jump, shot put and mini javelin toss, a rowing competition on the ergs, and a mystery eighth team challenge announced at the event!

Scoring is ranked-based, with the top scoring team in each challenge getting the highest number of points. For example, if we have 20 teams, first place gets 20 points and last place gets 1 point. Track events are based on finishing time, field events are based on distance.

Every member of your team must compete in at least one of the challenges, and your athlete partners must compete in at least one as well. You and your athlete team representatives will strategize together to determine who will compete in which challenges. Each of you can do as many of as few as you wish and each of you will have equal opportunity to compete and contribute to the scores.

All events will be ongoing at the same time and teams will rotate from event to event until all events are competed. The final challenge will be the mystery event, followed by final scoring and tally. The top three teams will be announced during the final ceremony!

One additional note: this is a fundraising event and fundraising is your ninth challenge. In the time leading up to the event day, you will be paired with your athlete and you will be tasked to fundraise for your team. Like the other physical challenges, top fundraise team will get top points for that one challenge.

The event day schedule looks like this:
10:00am: Registration
11:30am: Team warm ups
12:00pm: Opening Ceremonies
12:15-2:30pm: Uncathlon!

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